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ADHD Brains

ADHD Brains Group – Meets the last Thursday of each Month 6:30pm

What is the purpose of this group?
A place to meet, to listen and to talk, to share information and support. A place to be yourself. A place to see you are not alone. To bring the ADHD community together. 

Who should join?
Diagnosed, undiagnosed, sub-clinical, and those who care for and love ADHD brains. 

What will we do at our events?
Mainly talk about ADHD and meet like-minded people! So far an unstructured format is the plan but we can change going forward as we take on feedback from members.

What can also be offered…

  • Answers to questions, from our lived experience.
  • A place to build a support network.
  • Offer mirroring or a source of accountability if you need to get that important thing done you have been putting off.